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Monday, May 21, 2018

I'm in England!

Hello, all you friends out there!  I haven't posted in a while as I've been busy watching the kids, and my daughter added another - this time a baby girl.  Now I have seven grandchildren! 

My hubby of 39 years, has been sent to London, England for seven months to work in seven hospitals in the area.  Guess who came with him?  Me!  It's taken a week to get rid of the jet lag, and now I'm homesick for the kids and the dogs.  The day after we left, Stella broke a toe on her hind leg.  Poor girl.  I am so thankful to Julie for taking care of them while we're gone. 

I wasn't able to bring any craft supplies due to weight and luggage restrictions on the plane, so I'll have to find something to do here.  I'm a little afraid to wander out on my own, as which direction I'm going is unknown, and I don't want to get lost.  It would be so easy to get lost here.  Everything we need is so close, within walking distance, and we've been doing a lot of that!

This is pedestrian crossing sign, not for humped zebras!  It tells cars that there is a speed "hump" ahead that is painted with white stripes.  Very funny!
This is the front entrance to the free London Museum.  We were fascinated by the
Greek inspired building made of marble, the statues inside, and the huge display
of Egyptian mummies and artifacts.

You turn the corner, and there's another
long road of just flats on top and little
shops and businesses on the bottom.
What is franked mail?  Stamped
or run through a machine?  Then
there's the abroad mail...

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