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Saturday, May 28, 2011

13-Year Cicada's Are Back!

Reddish-orange eyes!

Shiny, irredescent wings

In my last post, I think I mentioned the cicada's are back, but didn't have a photo of them at the time.  Now I do!  I cannot tell you how much I despise these ugly creatures, not only for their ugliness, but also for the sound they make for a continuous 6 weeks, until they go underground again after mating, and most die above ground!  God has a sense of humor!  These bugs remind me of vampires, with their black bodies, shiny irridescent wings, and big reddish-orange eyes!  The only thing they don't have is blood dripping from their teeth!  The sound they make is deafening, and you can hear it well even if all the windows are closed.  The sound ebbs higher or louder, then lower, up and down, up and down.  It's as if they are sitting at a football game or something similar, and they are doing the "wave" around the colliseum!  There is a conductor who is conducting away, waving his wand back and forth in the air, as if he's directing traffic.  In the car, if you're not passing any trees, you don't hear them, but when you do pass a tree, you can here them as you pass by.  I don't know how to describe their lovely music!   Here's a good look at all my little friends.

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