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Monday, April 4, 2011

Surgery Update

Hello!  I hope everyone is doing well!
I am recovering from my third rotator cuff surgery, and I think this one is right up there with the first one as far as post-op pain.  The cuff and bicep were both sheared off of the head of my humerus, and this tear was much bigger than the previous one.  Physical therapy is twice a week, and I haven't lost a whole lot of range of motion.  The only things Doc Price and I can come up with as the cause for the tear is that I was in a wheelchair for 2 1/2 months after foot surgery, and pushing myself around with that repeated motion did it, along with picking up a 40 lb. bag of dog food.  I guess my weight lifting days are over.  hehehe  It is very frustrating relying on others to do much of what one needs done, and can be embarrassing at times.  I'm just glad they're here to help since hubby is outta town again!

My term as a design team member with priscillastyles and Heartfelt Creations have come to an end at this time, and I am already missing doing my weekly projects, talking with the girls, and seeing what beautiful things they are creating!  (sniff-sniff)  I really enjoyed working on both teams, and everyone I was in contact with was wonderful!

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  1. I'm still here.......and will remain! Hope you continue to improve, keep us updated as you can. Will continue to send up prayers!


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