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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You, Heartfelt Creations!

Well, I am at the end of my six month term as a design team member with Heartfelt Creations, and I cannot believe it's been that long already!  There were 19 of us chosen, and we all wanted to remain on the team.  HC needed to mix it up a little, so they decided to keep 10 of the team, and add 10 new designers.  They are working on chosing the 10 new currently, and that must be a hard job to do with all the talent that is out there in Stampingland!  I know it was a terribly hard choice to make concerning which 10 of the current team to keep on, but that in no way diminishes the talent, nor desire to keep everyone on it.  I saw, firsthand, how beautiful everyone's creations were by working alongside Emma Lou and Rich at the CKC convention in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend.  The photos that are posted on the website, and on the blog do not do justice to the real items!  Since photos are 1-D, they don't show the depth, color, detail, glitter, shine, or texture of the projects.  I was able to hold them, touch them, feel them, and see them.  What a difference!  Each one is a masterpiece, which holds the essence of the maker in its design. 

I personally, asked HC to choose 10 others that wanted to be on the team first, because I've not been able to do some of the other crafts I love, but also because I knew how much each lady desired to be on the team again.  I'm glad I chose to do that, because I found out today that I have to have a third shoulder surgery next Friday, March 25.  Apparently, I've torn the rotator cuff even worse than I did the first time.  I wouldn't be able to make the project deadlines with one arm in a sling for six months.

Heartfelt Creations has been the most helpful, generous and giving company to design for.  This was my first time as a designer, and I was blown away (there I go!) with all they did for me during the past six months.  Not only did I receive products with which to create my projects, but personal support if needed, friendship and a generous discount.  They allowed me to work at the convention, and I was able to obtain some of the items I wanted and needed.  But mostly, we just had a lot of fun, fellowship, creativity and laughs!  I met Jen who teaches the classes for HC at conventions there, and she's a "hoot"!  I can't say enough about HC's customer service, team service, and professionalism.  They are just plain uber awesome!

I talked with Linda Bontrager (Emma Lou's mom) this morning, and thanked her for everything they've done for me.  They'll have a design team "call" every six months, so perhaps after I heal, I can design for them again.  Until then, I'll be taking it easy, posting when I can, but not for a little while...please keep in touch with me, and I will continue to check your blogs to see what beauties you're creating!  My email address is  Please email me and let me know how things are going!  Each and every lady on the design team is a new friend of mine, and I want to know how and what y'all are doing! 

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