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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation Updates

Hi, again!  I just wanted to share a little more of my vacation with y'all!  Washington, DC was amazingly busy, and I'd never been there before.  The buildings were magnificent, there were many, many people walking everywhere from all parts of the globe!  The Smithsonian was very interesting, although we only went to the Space Museum - the ol' foot swelled and wanted to sit.  The only complaints we had was that there were only metered parking spots, of which we had  trouble finding one.  When we did, we put all our change in and it came to a little over an hour.  The meters are only good for two hours!  We would have had to keep coming out of the museum and going a block and one-half away to put more change in!  We asked and found a parking garage, and it cost us $98 for four hours!  How?  Eighteen dollars for the actual parking, and $80 for the tow company to come unlock the truck because the keys were locked in it!  hehehehe  The other thing we didn't like was that we couldn't get close to any of the landmark buildings we wanted to see because of all the baracades!  You'd think the President was close by or something!  ha We did have many laughs on the trip - it's the only thing we could do.  Thirty years ago, we wouldn't have been laughing!  We would have been arguing over who locked the doors, etc.
This is a sunset shot in Virginia during the first week.  At home, we live on the northeast side of a hill with very tall trees all around.  They block our view of all sunsets so we were awed by the ones we saw!
At the campground in Virginia, called Misty Mountain, while Mike was checking in, I was still sitting in the truck, and happened to glance over to a butterfly bush and saw a butterfly I've never seen before!  I jumped out of the truck with my camera, (which I don't think ever left my hands) and was able to capture it on film.  Anyone know what kind it is?  It's beautiful, even though I've never thought of brown as beautiful!
Next post will be cards or projects, I promise!  I hope you're all having a wonderful end to your summer, wherever you may be!  It's still hot in Nashville, but supposed to cool off by about 10* next week!  Yay!

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