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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello, all my blog friends out there!  I've been missing-in-action for a while, tending to several things here at home, which hasn't given me any time to work on my blog.  As you probably know, my blog images disappeared at some point (if anyone knows what point, I'd like to know!) and were replaced by that notorious "little red X in the upper left-hand corner".  I've contacted Blogger and they haven't responded so, I'm thinking those blogs containing images now replaced by that X are now history.  There are only a few that didn't vanish, and none of those showing are my projects, so... bear with me, and we'll get this going once again and hopefully this problem won't happen again!  Cross your fingers, say your prayers, rub your lucky rabbit's foot, or whatever you need to do!

Here's what I've been up to!

1.  Everyone knows that I had shoulder surgery for the third time on March 25, 2011.  I was released by physical therapy last week on Thursday, and had a follow-up appointment with my fantastic surgeon this morning.  He is pleased with my progress, and says I should just continue with the strengthening exercises, and go back in four months for my last appointment.  He is the most awesomeness nice professional great doctor, and I would recomment him to anyone! 

2.  My husband, Mike, had his left shoulder operated on four weeks ago, and he is progressing well also!  We love to share!   hehehe  I tore mine golfing, and so did he!  He hasn't asked me to go since, and I don't think he will in the future.  His rotator cuff tear was not as bad as mine for which we are very thankful, but he wasn't prepared for the discomfort and pain he has endured while healing and doing physical therapy.  Even though he helped me through three of the same surgeries, he was on the caretaker side, and I think he was surprised at what he anticipated, and what has actually occurred.  He has a new appreciation of elastic-waisted gym shorts & slide on crocs!  The great news for him is he went back to work yesterday, after six weeks off!  When this shoulder is strong enough, he'll have his right one done!  We really shared!  hahaha  Believe me, I'm laughing with him, and I have a new appreciation for being on the caretaker side!  Well, no trailer vacation this year!
Photo used with permission!

3.  I am somewhat taken aback with the news that I now have diabetes type 2, which hopefully I can control with medication, diet and exercise.  I needed to lose weight anyway, but I would rather it wasn't this way!  I cannot wait for the day when my regular doctor can say that I don't need the medications anymore, and that I also don't need to take a few others for blood pressure or high cholesterol.  My family roots as far as these issues are concerned, are set deep in the quagmire of heart disease and the above two.  diabetes has not plagued any of my family that I know of.  So, there you have it!  Fun stuff, huh? 

Well, I hope to post some new cards within the next day or two, so don't go to far away.  Thanks for being there - I appreciate all your shoulders!  It's time to eat something!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Testing, testing, this is only a test!

Please excuse any duplicate postings that you may receive from me!  I don't know about you, but all my photos and images have disappeared from my blog, and I have to reload them.  In order for me to know if it is working, I have to post a photo.  So you may receive something that has a duplicate photo you've seen before, or a duplicate posting.  Please disregard and I will post again when I have it fixed.  Thanks!

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